SPU hosts 2023 FARF conference

For the first time, Sol Plaatje University (SPU) played host to the prestigious 2023  (FARF) Conference, a significant event under the banner of ‘Sustainability’. Spanning two days, 9 and 10 November, the conference was attended by experts and enthusiasts in the fields of audit, risk and forensics.

The conference was opened by Prof Debra Meyer, SPU’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Teaching and Learning. Prof Meyer extended a warm Kimberley welcome to the attendees. The first day was marked by rich discussions about the crucial role of internal audits in universities, cybersecurity measures, and strategies to combat fraud and corruption. Talks on maintaining financial sustainability standards and adhering to ethical practices within educational institutions were also spotlighted.

Day two was opened by Prof Andrew Crouch, SPU’s Vice-Chancellor and Principal who also extended a warm Kimberley welcome to guests, and discussed cybersecurity risks, ethical risks, and the massification of enrolment in higher education, which has created sustainability issues.

Delegates further delved into the cutting-edge realms of Data Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, and Artificial Intelligence. Discussions also covered Combined Assurance, Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), and Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) regulations, along with Futuristic risk management in the 4th industrial revolution (4IR), this raised future-based insightful questions on risk management practices, tailored for the Higher Education Sector.

As a delightful conclusion to the conference, attendees were treated to a guided tour of Kimberley’s renowned Big Hole. SPU appreciates the Northern Cape Tourism Authority’s sponsorship towards the conference.

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