SPU to launch Centre for Creative Writing and African Languages

On December 7, 2023, the Centre for Creative Writing and African Languages will be unveiled by Sol Plaatje University‘s School of Humanities.

The Centre is deeply devoted to tackling the obstacles encountered by our society in the current era. We recognise the need for meaningful engagement with our community through various initiatives, including writing workshops at the Northern Cape Correctional Services and programmes aimed at fostering children’s reading and writing skills. These endeavors are vital for inspiring empowerment among not only staff members but also students, along with the larger population alike.

The core principle of this Centre is to endorse the use of multiple languages as an asset. We aim to support cognitive growth, guarantee access to knowledge, encourage diversity and community building while preserving all dialects. Our objective is to enable transformation and foster societal harmony through multilingualism.

By establishing this Centre, we take a noteworthy stride towards putting an end to the stigmatization and marginalization of languages. This includes variants of Khoe and San (the Nama languages) spoken in the Northern Cape region. Our objective is to create a space where individuals can accept and pay reverence to their unique linguistic identities.

We invite all staff, students and broader community to join us for the launch event, which will be streamed on the SPU YouTube channel at 18:00 on Thursday, 7 December. Use the link: https://youtube.com/live/Q7DtXzqTGFE to watch.

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